Our Trademarks - Group Outline

We are the sole suppliers of Rahmqvist products in Ireland.

Our unique range consists of easily moved office and conference items that you use every day in the course of your work at the office, in school, within industry. These products are only available through a representative of one of our companies, which guarantees personal service and quality = customer satisfaction. No standardised products and always high quality.


Rahmqvist Trademarks - Group Outline

Each of our trademarks covers a particular product group, which means that the representative can always provide you as a customer with our special knowledge - a matter of course for us! Your quality guarantee lies in the fact that everything we sell is under our own trademarks.

Here is an outline of all our trademarks and companies. Welcome to the Rahmqvist Group - a world of opportunity.


Rahmqvist Avico

Products for education, training and conferences.



Powerful tools for stapling, hole punching, hanging and binding paper.


Vidamic Ergonomics

Sound solutions for a better working environment.


Rahmqvist Delectum

Unique pens, pencils, plastic cases & registers.



Our unique range of products with our own trademarks.


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