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Name: Quill 6mg Whiteboard Markers
Category: (Whiteboard products)

Product Code QL710B/QL710C - 12 per pack

Quill Whiteboard markers have 6mg of ink which is up to twelve times the volume of ink in most own brand markers and three times the volume of ink in most of the traditional whiteboard markers.

Quill whiteboard markers also have soft tips that will not put hairline scratrches on your whiteboards.

Quill whiteboard marker caps click in locked when you are closing the marker and also click when you put the cap on the end of the marker for safe keeping while you are using it. The markers have a three day cap off system, which means that even if the cap is left off the marker over the weekend the marker will still work when you return to school after the weekend.

Quill whiteboard markers clean off easily from your whiteboard and does not leave ink residue.

Using quill whiteboard markers will prolong the lifespan of your whiteboards and will enhance learning for the students as they will be able to see the writing on your whiteboards more easily as they will leave less ghosting on your whiteboards.

The markers are available in four colours, black, blue, red & green, in both bullet and chisel tips.

Quill whiteboard markers are low in odour and ink conforms to the following European standards EN 71-9 and ASTM D-4236



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