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Name: Outdoor Writer
Category: (General School Products)

Product code - QL400

This is a clipboard that protects your paperwork when you are working outside in wet or windy conditions.

It is clear on the top and sides so that you can see your paper inside.

When you open the clipboard it is spring loaded and it flips open and stays open like a tent which allows you to put your hand inside to write on the paper inside the clipboard.

The clip inside the clipboard will hold your paper securely while you write on it, and it also has a clip on the reverse side to allow you to use it in dry conditions without having to have the paper inside the clipboard.

This is ideal for teaching geography outdoors and for sports days, yard duty and also for fire drills or in the event of a fire on a wet day you will avoid confusion at the fire points as your lists will not have ink running over the page.

The clipboard also has 2 pen / pencil holders within the clipboard.



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