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Name: Glitter Gel
Categories: (Art Products | Top Selling Products)

Product code 24010 - 10 x 120 ml bottles per pack.

Rahmqvist Glitter gel is a finishing paint with a glittering effect once it dries.

The glue and glitter is guaranteed not to separate for 4 years.

Rahmqvist glitter gel does not clog up in the bottle and It does not fall off the paper or card even if it falls on the floor or bangs off any surface.

It is ready to use straight from the bottle and adheres to practically any surface, paper, card, tiles, glass, etc.

You can make figurines, cartoon characters, shapes etc by simply using the glitter gel on a plastic pockets and leaving to dry for 24 hours, once it is dry it will lift away from the pocket and can be used as a decorative figurines, etc.

It washes from hands with soap and water.



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