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Name: Whiteboard Twin Tip Pen
Categories: (Whiteboard products | Top Selling Products)

Product codes -24251 Black - 24252 Red - 24253 Blue - 24254 Green - 24259 mixed / 3 of each colour.

- 24264 Orange - 24266 Yellow - 24267 Brown - 24268 Purple - 24269 mixed / 3 of each colour.

This is a high quality long life whiteboard pen, each pen has a chisel tip at one end and a bullet tip at the other end.

The tips are a really high quality and do not widen out or retreat into the barrel of the pen.

The ink in the pen does not leave ghosting and stains on whiteboards and the caps have a good seal on them to stop the pen from drying out and each cap fits over the other for safe keeping & prevents loosing the caps.

This pen will outlast most whiteboard pens 4 to 5 times.

This pen is manufactured to the highest quality and environmental standards and the pen carries the Rahmqvist swan mark, which is the eco label that the company has been awarded for their high environmental and quality standards.



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