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Name: Sticky Note Dispenser and Roll
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Product code 96750 - 10 per pack

Rahmqvist sticky note dispenser and roll is a safe and economical way of putting notes and messages on office documents.

It is a safe way to attach notes to documents as it is 90% adhesive on the sticky side and so when you put notes on documents they will not fall of when the document is transferred from one office to another.

There is no glue on the edges at both sides to allow you to get your finger nail underneath the paper to remove the note when you need to do so.

It is economical as you only use as little or as much as you require to write your message on and simply cut off with the dispenser.

Each roll has 10 metres of paper and is equivalent to 6 medium size post it blocks.

When the roll is used you simply replace the roll and continue to re use the dispenser in this way.

The sticky note rolls come in 4 colours, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Green.



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