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Name: Vidamic Sensitive Screen Wipes
Categories: (Machine Cleaning Products | Top Selling Products)

Product code - 65030 12 wet & 12 dry wipes per pack.

Vidamic sensitive screen cleaner is for cleaning all sensitive computer, LCD, PDA and plasma screens.

You open both the wet and dry wipes together, hold the wet wipe against the screen at one of the top corners of the screen and move the wipe to the opposite corner either horizontally or vertically, whilst pressing the wipe against the screen all the time,and then down and accross in the opposite direction and so on till you get to the bottom and opposite corner.

When you have covered all the screen then do the same thing in the opposite way, vertically or horizontally depending which way you started until you cover all the screen.

When you have covered all the screen in both directions, you just go all around the frame and lift the wipe away from the screen.

Then repeat this process with the dry wipe.

If you see any wet patches on the screen, leave them alone as the excess will evaporate within seconds and your screen will be clean and smudge free.



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