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Name: Compact Boxes A4
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Product Codes A4 Size: 35282 Red 35283 Blue 35284 Green 35288 Yellow 35289 White 35281 Sliver

The most Compact and accessible archiving system available.

The Rahmqvist compact boxes can be stacked 25 high without any shelving as the boxes are self supporting whilst allowing the user to open each box from the front to access each file individually.

The boxes come with different clips and attachments for easy filing of different types of files and also come in different sizes to accommodate all sizes of office paper.

The boxes are available in 6 colours, thus allowing you to colour code your archives for easy access.

Rahmqvist compact boxes are acid free, and therefore they are completely safe to archive old manuscripts or fragile paper.

The compact boxes are capable of holding 635lb weight before the side walls will break.

The boxes are completely recyclable.

The video clip playing above demonstrates how easy it is to transfer the contents of a lever arch file to the compact system and also how easy it is to photocopy the document without removing the paper from the D Clip and allows you to reuse the lever arch file.



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